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    ISC provides a wide variety of BJTs, including NPN, PNP, Darlington, with voltages ranging from 20V to 1600V, currents from 0.1A to 60A. We also provide metallic packaging TO-3 series products. ISCs products have robust performance with minimal lot-to-lot variations.

    ISCs new products, high-frequency high-speed low-saturation voltage transistors in TO-251, TO-252, and TO-263 SMD packages, are unique in Chinese production, and can reach frequencies above 300MHz, and tf  <100ns.



    ISC provides MOSFETs under U.S., European, and Japanese categories, with robust performance and minimal lot-to-lot variations. We also produce metallic packaging TO-3 MOSFETs.

    Maximum Current 600A, Highest Voltage 1500V.


    ISC provides thyristors under European and Japanese categories. We have a wide variety of packages. Maximum Current 80A, Highest Voltage 1600V.


    Our RF transistors are low-noise, high-gain, with fT reaching 10GHz. We provide surface mounting small signal series and TO-220 power series.

    TO-220.png Schottky Rectifiers

    We provide many series with different barrier heights, optimizing between VF and IR. We offer products with 20-300V, and 5-60A. We also produce low VF series. At the same time, we guarantee outstanding performance under high temperature.

    Fast Recovery Rectifiers

    We use multilayer epitaxial process to optimize voltage, current, and switching speed. We have products with 200-1500V and maximum current 80A. We provide TO-220, TO-200F, TO-3P, TO-263SMD, and TO-252SMD packages.


    Flat plate version

    Flat plate type ceramic package; Diffusion process; Double sided cooling. Maximum Current 5000A, Highest Voltage 5000V.

    Stud version

    Metal stud structure; IF(AV): 5 to 500A, VRRM: 100 to 5000V; Capacity of supporting high surge current.

    TO-263.png We offer 78xx and 79xx series, with 1.5A and 1.0A. Packages include TO-220, TO-263, TO-251, TO252, and especially TO-3 metallic, such as 7805K and LM 317K. These products have robust performance with minimal lot-to-lot variations.   

    All rights reserved by Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited (No misappropriation, reprinting or copy any contents of this website)
    Address: 68 Xinmei Road, WND, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (214028)
    Tel: 0510-85346350     Email: mdh@iscsemi.com     mdd@iscsemi.com
    Links: ChipFind   ALLDatasheet   IC2China  


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